What are your thoughts on the energy efficient bulbs in cold weather?

Great question!

 Fluorescent lighting in cold weather applications has been used for some time now. Typically you have cold weather ballast and cold weather rated lamps that have been used in freezer applications without a problem. They come in T12, T8 and T5 HO series these are the long skinny lamps that you see every where they come in two and four foot lengths. The problem occurs when one or more of the components are not listed for cold weather use.

CFL’s or compact fluorescents that you buy at your local hardware store to replace your incandescent light bulbs are not rated for cold weather use and cannot be used in cold weather applications due to their inability to start in cold weather.

LED lighting is unaffected by cold weather and is the recommended choice for optimum choice for energy efficiency. LED’s have draw backs as well. The number one drawback is cost LED’s cost more but the typical life expectancy is 50,000 hours which will make up for any cost differential and are more robust in nature. As the LED field expands and with consumers demanding more colors and brightness levels LED’s will be the one to bet on in the future.

In any case you will want to contact a local electrician to explain your options for your particular application as every lighting scenario is different.

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  1. Electrician December 17, 2011 10:00 pm 

    It’s too bad cfl’s won’t work in cold weather. At what temperature do they fail to work?

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